First Look: Mosaic #1 by Thorne & Randolph

Meet Marvel’s Newest Hero – Your First Look at MOSAIC #1!

Mosaic #1

New Ongoing Series Launching in October!


Here’s a preview of Mosaic #1, a new ongoing series by writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Khary Randolph, on sale October 12th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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First Look: Cage! #1 by Tartakovsky & DeStefano (Marvel)

Genndy Tartakovsky Brings CAGE! #1 to Marvel NOW! This October!

Cage! #1

Animation Superstar Takes on Luke Cage for New Series!


Here’s your first look at Cage! #1 by award-winning animator Genndy Tartakovsky & Stephen DeStefano, on sale October 5th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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First Look: International Iron Man #1 by Bendis & Maleev

The Globetrotting Adventure Begins – Your First Look at


International Iron Man #1


Here’s your first look at 4 pages from International Iron Man #1 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, on sale March 16th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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First Look at All-New Inhumans #1 – Coming In December

New Team. New Mission. Your First Look at ALL-NEW INHUMANS #1!

All-New Inhumans #1


Here’s your first look at All-New Inhumans #1 by writers James Asmus & Charles Soule and artist Stefano Caselli, on sale December 2nd, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

She is Inhuman royalty. She’s been an Avenger, served alongside the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. She is Crystal…and this December she steps into her new role for a new Marvel Universe in ALL-NEW INHUMANS #1! Writers James Asmus and Charles Soule join forces with artist Stefano Caselli to expand the world of the Inhumans across globe!

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