First Look At Judge Dredd: Year One #2 by Matt Smith & Simon Coleby

Preview: Judge Dredd: Year One #2

Judge Dredd: Year One #2

Here’s your first look at 7 pages from Judge Dredd: Year One #2 by Matt Smith & Simon Coleby from IDW Publishing – on sale April 24th, 2013.

Judge Dredd: Year One #2 (of 4)

Matt Smith (w) • Simon Coleby (a) • Greg Staples (c)

The Long Hard Road,” part 2. When juves across sector start manifesting psychic abilities, Dredd must team up for the first time with Psi-Division to combat the spreading chaos. But just what is causing the psi-outbreaks as it crosses the dimensions—and what does it have in store for Mega-City One?

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Preview: The Colonized #1 by Chris Ryall & Drew Moss

Preview of The Colonized #1 (IDW)

The Colonized #1

Here is a preview of The Colonized #1 by Chris Ryall & Drew Moss, featuring a cover by Dave Sim – on sale April 10th, 2013 from IDW Publishing.


The Colonized #1 (of 4)

Chris Ryall (w) • Drew Moss (a) • Dave Sim (c)

Part 1: “Minutemen in Black” – In this all-new miniseries, a spaceship crashes into a separatist camp and manages to reanimate the dead as well! It’s aliens vs. zombies vs. militiamen in a carnage-filled tale from the co-creator of Zombies vs Robots! And if that ain’t enough, covers for this series will be by acclaimed Cerebus creator, Dave Sim!

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IDW Relaunches THUNDER Agents With Phil Hester & Andrea Di Vito In August

IDW Announces Creative Team for


Publisher touts and all-star team for an all-star book!

Press Release

At WonderCon, IDW finally unveiled the creative team that will be re-launching the legendary THUNDER AGENTS this August.
Phil Hester (Godzilla, Green Arrow) will be writing with Andrea Di Vito (Dungeons & Dragons) providing interiors as the dynamic THUNDER AGENTS go about putting an end to global evil before punching out for the day.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Andrea on this book,” said Hester. “His style hits all the right notes, combining the best of modern storytelling sensibilities with classic super hero dynamism. Our goal is to preserve what was unique about the original Wally Wood-helmed run, but inject it with the high-octane action and resonant character development modern readers demand. Andrea‘s work will convey to readers the sense of excitement we feel as creators."

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Preview: Judge Dredd: Year One #1 by Matt Smith & Simon Coleby

Judge Dredd: Year One #1 Preview!

Judge Dredd: Year One #1

Here’s an 8 page preview of Judge Dredd: Year One #1 by Matt Smith & Simon Coleby – on sale March 20th, 2013 from IDW Publishing.

Judge Dredd: Year One #1

Matt Smith (w) • Simon Coleby (a) • Greg Staples (c)

“The Long Hard Road” begins here! In an all-new adventure from Joe Dredd’s early days as a Mega City-One Judge, writer (and Eagle-award-winning 2000 AD Editor) Matt Smith presents a tale where “all the young juves, carry the news,” only in this case, the news is delivered with a lethal blow!

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Judge Dredd: Year One Miniseries Arrives in March 2013 From IDW Publishing

IDW and 2000 AD Take DREDD
Back to YEAR ONE!

JUDGE DREDD: YEAR ONE #1 Cover - Dave Sim Variant

The Legendary Lawman’s Early Days to Be
Chronicled in Upcoming Miniseries!

In March 2013, IDW Publishing is releasing Judge Dredd: Year One by Matt Smith & Simon Colby, chronicling the early days of young Joseph Dredd. The first issue of the miniseries will feature variant covers by Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra and Dave Sim of Cerebus fame!

Press release

Though Judge Joseph Dredd’s exploits have changed the post-apocalyptic sprawl of Mega-City One forever, there was a Mega-City One before Dredd ever hopped aboard a Lawmaster. In March 2013’s JUDGE DREDD: YEAR ONE, Eagle Award-winning 2000 AD Editor-in-Chief Matt Smith takes up arms with Dredd veterans Simon Coleby on interiors and Greg Staples on covers to deliver the thrilling exploits of a younger Judge Dredd!

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