Review: Legend of The Shadow Clan #1 & #2 (Aspen)

Legend of The Shadow Clan #1 – #2 Review

Legend of the Shadow Clan #1 CoverLegend of the Shadow Clan #2 CoverWriters: David Wohl, Brad Foxhaven

Pencils & Ink: Corey Smith

Colors: John Starr

Publisher: Aspen Comics


I can’t say I was terribly excited by this read but I have to say I may be the wrong age for it. I found it to have a very Saturday morning cartoons feeling, but with a little more violence. This may, in fact, be a perfect read for someone in the 10 – 14 age range. But even with that in mind, I feel that young people today may be exposed to more complex and interesting characters. By the end of issue 2 I was still waiting to see how these characters stood out as something a little different.

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