Preview: New Challengers #1 by Snyder, Gillespie, Kubert, & Janson (DC)

New Challengers #1 Preview (DC)

New Challengers #1



Here’s a 6-page preview of New Challengers #1 by writers Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie and artists Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson, on sale May 16th, 2018 from DC Comics.

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Lady Demon Returns After 15 Years in December at Dynamite

Dynamite Launches Lady Demon in December!

Lady Demon #1

Resurrecting the Fan-Favorite CHAOS! Comics Character
for Her First Appearance in 15 Years


Lady Demon, the popular CHAOS! Comics character makes her first appearance in 15 years at Dynamite in December in Lady Demon #1 by writer Aaron Gillespie & artist Mirka Andolfo.


Press Release

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to re-introduce comic book fans to Lady Demon, the vivacious and vicious hellraiser who served as a cornerstone of the Chaos! Comics horror universe. Marking her first appearance in fifteen years, the fan-favorite character will star in her own self-titled comic series, written by Aaron Gillespie and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. Lady Demon #1 is scheduled for a December release, and will feature a wealth of comic book cover options, including those by artists Joyce Chin, Mirka Andolfo, Allison Sohn, Cat Staggs, Cedric Poulat, and Mike Mayhew.

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Chaos!’s Purgatori Gets Her Own Series in September 2014


Purgatori #1



In September, Dynamite Entertainment expands their Chaos! Comics line with a new Purgatori series by Aaron Gillespie & Javier Garcia Miranda.

Here’s an early look at covers and artwork from Purgatori #1


Press Release

Spinning out of Dynamite’s best-selling Chaos! Universe, Purgatori flies like a bat out of hell – a vampire bat that is – into the pages of her own ongoing series! Join scribe Aaron Gillespie and artist Javier Garcia Miranda for Purgatori’s fiery return to her own monthly title! Featuring covers by a vast array of comic book greats; Nei Ruffino, Joyce Chin, José Luís, Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley! Purgatori #1 explodes onto comic shop shelves and digital devices this September!

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