Preview: Wolverines #1 – A Weekly Series from Marvel Comics

The Claws Come Out This January in WOLVERINES #1!

Wolverines #1

New Weekly Series Spinning Out of Death of Wolverine!


Wolverine may be dead, but that won’t keep Marvel from publishing a weekly series about those vying for his Adamantium-encased remains in Wolverines.

Here’s a short preview of Wolverines #1 by writers Charles Soule & Ray Fawkes and artists Alisson Borges & Nick Bradshaw, on sale January 7th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

His death was only the beginning. Spinning directly out of the chart-topping Death of Wolverine, The Logan Legacy and The Weapon X Program comes a brand-new weekly series kicking off this January in WOLVERINES #1! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at the blockbuster first issue from the star-studded creative team of Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes, Alisson Borges and All-New Young Gun artist Nick Bradshaw!

Wolverine may be dead, but the weekly journey is just beginning as his mortal remains, now encased in the rare and powerful adamantium, are up for grabs. The battle begins as various factions vie for control of this valuable artifact. But why does it matter so much? And why is a war brewing in Logan’s name?

Death is on the books for a number of Marvel’s heroes and villains, and Mystique is playing chess with them all. X-23, Daken, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, the mysterious man known only as Sharp and many, many more!

“In a way, most of the characters featured in [Wolverines] are incomplete reflections of Wolverine,” says co-writer Ray Fawkes in an interview with “Perhaps now that he’s gone, they are free to fully realize themselves? Or maybe they’ll be annihilated by the void that he’s left behind?”

The true enemy is still out there. With Logan gone, they pose a greater threat than ever before. An unlikely team of his closest allies and most bitter rivals will need to work together if they have any hope of avenging his death – but how can they?

“The group here is not a set of people who are particularly interested in doing anything together unless they absolutely have to,” says Charles Soule.

Logan’s end was just the beginning. As those who called him friend mourn his passing, those who called him foe are free to pursue their sinister aims. Now, those with close ties to him will forge an uneasy alliance to uncover the secrets behind  his death, and new revelations about his life!

2015 is kicking off with the “SNIKT” that shouldn’t be missed as the weekly adventure begins in WOLVERINES #1!



Variant Cover by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO (NOV140737), ZACH HOWARD (NOV140740) & SKOTTIE YOUNG (NOV140738)
BLANK VARIANT (NOV140741) & CANADA VARIANT (NOV140742) Also Available
Welcome Home Variant by SALVADOR LARROCA (NOV140739)

On-Sale – 1/07/15

Wolverines #1 CoverWolverines #1 Cover - Dell'Otto VariantWolverines #1 Cover - Howard VariantWolverines #1 Cover - Larroca "Welcome Home" VariantWolverines #1 Cover - Young VariantWolverines #1 Preview 1Wolverines #1 Preview 2
Wolverines #1 Preview 3


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