Preview: Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 (BOOM!)

Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview (BOOM!)

Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1


Here’s a 5 page preview of Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 by writer Eric Carrasco and artist Victor Santos, on sale August 12th, 2015 from BOOM! Studios.


Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 (of 4)

Writer: Eric Carrasco
Artist: Victor Santos

What’s to Love: As fans anxiously await the start of the third season of Fox’sSleepy Hollow TV show, we’ve got something to tide them over: a new, original story featuring their favorite characters, with Sleepy Hollow team member Eric Carrasco writing.

What It Is: Jenny returns to Sleepy Hollow with an ancient artifact she’s discovered: a mysterious shard of metal with untold power. But as Ichabod and Abbie investigate, the artifact attracts a demonic biker gang called The Wild Hunt, ready to cut down anyone who stands in their way.

Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 CoverSleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 1Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 2Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 3Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 4Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 5Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 Preview 6

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