Preview of Robocop: Last Stand #6 (BOOM!)

Preview of Robocop: Last Stand #6

Robocop: Last Stand #6

Here’s a preview of Robocop: Last Stand #6 by writers Frank Miller and Steven Grant and artist Korkut Öztekin, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 8th, 2014.


RoboCop: Last Stand #6

Writers: Frank Miller, Steven Grant
Artist: Korkut Öztekin

Diamond Code: NOV130871

OCP has won. Our heroes are dead. There is no hope for Detroit in this final battle. The city is for the taking…or so they believe. Marie has one last move to make that will change everything. OCP may have won the battle, but the war is far from over. RoboCop will rise.

Robocop: Last Stand #6 CoverRobocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 1Robocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 2Robocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 3Robocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 4Robocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 5Robocop: Last Stand #6 Preview 6


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