Preview: Ragnarok #3 by Walter Simonson (IDW)

Ragnarök #3 Preview (IDW)

Ragnarök #3

Here’s a preview of Ragnarök #3 by writer and artist Walter Simonson, on sale December 17th, 2014 from IDW Publishing.


Ragnarök #3

Walter Simonson (w & a & c)

The Quick and the Deadly: Thor departs the Fortress at the Edge of the World to enter the Dusk Lands, a twilit realm haunted by the lawless and the neo-dead, and inhabited by the scattered remnants of a humanity both protected and enslaved by evil. Mjolnir strikes for the first time.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Ragnarök #3 CoverRagnarök #3 Preview 1Ragnarök #3 Preview 2Ragnarök #3 Preview 3Ragnarök #3 Preview 4Ragnarök #3 Preview 5Ragnarök #3 Preview 6


– The Comic Book Critic

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