Preview: The New World #1 by Kot, Moore, & Moore (Image)

The New World #1 Preview (Image)

The New World #1



Here’s a lengthy preview of The New World #1 by writer Ales Kot and artists Tradd Moore & Heather Moore, on sale July 25th, 2018 from Image Comics.



Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Tradd Moore, Heather Moore
Cover: Tradd Moore, Heather Moore, Tom Muller
Variant Cover: Tradd Moore, Heather Moore, Tom Muller, Ian Bertram


The United States of America—after the Second Civil War. Two lovers meet. One: a straight-edge vegan hacker anarchist boy with a penchant for messing with the State. The other: a chaotic, hedonistic cop with a reality TV show and a license to kill. This really shouldn’t happen—and yet, somehow, it does. And soon, the entire state of New California is after them.

This ballistic sci-fi action romance miniseries—in the vein of Mad Max and Romeo and Juliet—from ALEŠ KOT, TRADD MOORE, and HEATHER MOORE begins with a massive-sized debut issue, and features a backup comic introducing the talents of AARON STEWART-AHN and SUNANDO C!


U.S. Cover Price: $4.99
Published: July 25, 2018
Diamond ID: MAY180036
Age Rating: M


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