Preview: Fantastic Four #642 by Robinson & Kirk – The End is FOURever

The End is FOURever Begins in FANTASTIC FOUR #642!

Fantastic Four #642

The unthinkable begins in January – the countdown to the end of the Fantastic Four. Marvel Comics is cancelling the title in 2015 and the first chapter of the final storyline begins in Fantastic Four #642.

Here’s a preview of Fantastic Four #642 by writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk, on sale January 14th, 2014 from Marvel Comics.

Press Release

This January, the countdown begins…and the end of Marvel’s first family is upon us in FANTASTIC FOUR #642 – the first chapter in The End is FOURever!

Blockbuster writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk’s epic endgame begins as the Invaders crash headlong into the Fantastic Four and the hunt for Reed Richards and the missing Future Foundation kids takes a dangerous turn!

Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the systematic dismantling of the Fantastic Four reveals his ultimate plan. But how does Franklin Richards and his unchecked powers factor in? And why are Jim Hammond, Namor, All-New Captain America and Doc Green hunting the remaining members of the Fantastic Four? Nothing lasts forever.

Don’t miss the beginning of the end this January in FANTASTIC FOUR #642!



Art & Cover by LEONARD KIRK
Connecting Cover Variant by MICHAEL GOLDEN (NOV140808)
Character Variant by JIM CHEUNG (NOV140809)

FOC – 12/15/14, On Sale – 1/14/15

Fantastic Four #642 CoverFantastic Four #642 Cover - Cheung VariantFantastic Four #642 Preview 1Fantastic Four #642 Preview 2Fantastic Four #642 Preview 3Fantastic Four #642 Preview 4


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