Preview: Bravest Warriors #1 (BOOM!)

Bravest Warriors #1 Preview!

Bravest Warriors #1
Here’s a 6 page preview of Bravest Warriors #1, by Joey Corneau & Mike Holmes, from Boom! Studios. Based on Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, this new series should be a hit with fans! Bravest Warriors #1 is on sale Wednesday, October 24th, 2012.

Bravest Warriors #1

Written by Joey Comeau
Drawn by Mike Holmes
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Tyson Hesse
COVER B: Maris Wicks
Diamond Code: AUG120941


Based on ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendleton Ward’s brand-new animated series!

Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four 16-year-old heroes-for-hire, as they warp from galaxy to galaxy, saving alien races with the power of their…emotions. They’re noble, righteous and totally bodacious!

Bravest Warriors #1 CoverBravest Warriors #1 Cover BBravest Warriors #1 CoverBravest Warriors #1 CoverBravest Warriors #1 Preview 1Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 2Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 3Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 4Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 5Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 6Bravest Warriors #1 Preview 7

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