Game of Thrones Creator to Write Doctor Strange for Marvel?

Game of Thrones Creator to Write
Dr. Strange for Marvel?

Doctor Strange

It looks as though the Lawyers will decide if Winter is Coming to Marvel Comics


In a new interview with MTV Geek, George R.R. Martin, the creator of “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels that spawned the HBO series: A Game of Thrones, has said that he would love to write Doctor Strange.“ The character I’d have the most fun writing would be Doctor Strange, the master of the mystic arts, he was always one of my favorites.”

George R.R. Martin is no stranger to the comic book medium as he pulled together and edited a sci-fi and superhero anthology series called “Wild Cards”. For those who have read this, or “A Game of Thrones,” you would know Martin’s writing style would mix wonderfully with Doctor Strange’s world. Unfortunately, despite his passion for the character, it doesn’t appear that Marvel Comics is going to let it happen.

Anyone who has followed a comic book character for any length of time understands the politics that goes behind the telling of a superhero story. When a writer is done telling his story, or sales aren’t up to par, they move on and are replaced by another writer. That writer, with editorial approval, can retcon (erase or change) important plot points, characters or events that occurred prior to their run. 

George R.R. Martin wants Marvel’s word that it’ll never happen when he’s through.

He’s willing to bring the lawyers into the conversation to ensure that anything he does, stays that way. Forever. In the interview with MTV Geek, Martin said, “I’d have my lawyers meet with Marvel’s lawyers and work out an iron-clad contract that would say that whatever I did in the story would continue on forever and would never be retconned, rebooted or reimagined out of the universe when some later writer decided to mess around with it.”  Martin discussed how he always hated retcons and reboots, a sentiment shared by many comic book readers.

As much as I agree with him, I feel this will be a wasted opportunity to tell an amazing story about a character that could use a little push. His vision for Doctor Strange is unique and well thought out. As he said, “I’d separate him off from the rest of the Marvel universe and not make him part of a team. He doesn’t really fit any of that stuff, he’s a guy that shouldn’t even be known to the rest of the heroes, living on the edge of the Marvel Universe protecting the world and our dimension and plane from dangers and forces out there that the other characters like Spider-Man and The Avengers don’t even dream exist.”

Marvel is not known to relinquish control over their properties and that is what Martin is implying he wants; full control of his run, even after he’s gone.

Personally, I’d love to see some compromise here and allow Martin’s run to occur in it’s own universe. Perhaps an “Ultimate Doctor Strange” could be worked out where Martin’s story could lay the framework for years to come.

Do you feel that Martin is being unfair in his request?  Do you think, given Martin’s current level of popularity, that Marvel Comics would meet his terms?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

by Stephen Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Creator to Write Doctor Strange for Marvel?”

  1. i’m no fan of constant reboots. i understand the need for restructuring of a character’s history now and again, but how the current Big 2 do it lately, i think it alienates the only readers they’ve got. and not really bringing the new readers.

    that being said…i think that Martin is being a tad unrealistic here. especially for a property that isn’t his. and you’re right…he’d probably write a great Dr. Strange story. one that we’ll probably not see now.

  2. I’d love to read Martin’s vision of Doctor Strange too, but considering what his terms are, we’ll never see it happen.

    There’s no such thing as a permanent change to a publisher owned character. Martin may bring in the money for Marvel short term, but long term, it would restrict their options on a character they own. That’s something unacceptable to them.

    If he would agree to write a story outside of continuity, it would be great for everyone. That’s a notion he doesn’t seem to be entertaining. That’s unfortunate. So until he changes his mind, if he does, the project is dead in the water.


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