The Field #1 by Ed Brisson and Simon Roy – Preview

Preview of The Field #1 (Image)

The Field #1

Here’s a six page preview of The Field #1 by Ed Brisson & Simon Roy, courtesy of Image Comics – on sale April 2nd, 2014.


THE FIELD #1 (of 4)

art / cover: SIMON ROY

APRIL 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50

A man wakes in a field wearing nothing but his underwear. He’s got no idea who he is or how he got there. His only connection to the outside world a cell phone on which he receives mysterious texts warning him of impending danger. Danger like Christian, an ex-bible sales-man in the middle of crime spree fueled by Christian Rock, dirty sex, meth, murder and keeping this underwear clad, nameless and pastless man close by his side.


The Field #1The Field #1 Preview 1The Field #1 Preview 2The Field #1 Preview 3The Field #1 Preview 4The Field #1 Preview 5The Field #1 Preview 6

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