Emerald City ComiCon 2012 Sketch Gallery

ECCC 2012 Artist Sketch Gallery!AplBx7SCIAEY9qF

Last weekend, Emerald City ComiCon 2012 was attended by scores of cosplayers, comic book fans, merchants, and writers and artists. Often seen are the scores of cosplayers who are photographed and eventually find their way on to sites like ours.

What you don’t usually see are the Con sketches and commissions that are done by the talented artists who attend these shows. They range from quick little sketches to fully fleshed out commissions that fans often pay good money to acquire.

Here are some sketches and commissions from a few of the artists that attended ECCC 2012. The images come directly from the artists’ tweets or retweets while attending the Con. We will properly credit the images to those who took the photos or own the artwork. Please contact us, if that is the case.

The artists included are Ben Templesmith, Gabriel Hardman, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Russell, Ryan Ottley, Tom Fowler, Riley Rossmo, Tony Moore, and Joe Eisma.



Ben Templesmith

Batman & Robin, gentlemen corpsesH P Lovecraft commissionThe JokerPHOEBE PHOENIX!Alas poor iron man...Bride of FrankensteinDeath from ECCCThe ThingBad boys bad boys, what you gonna dooo...

Gabriel Hardman

Green Lantern SketchGreen Goblin SketchThe Joker sketchTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sketchSpider-Man Noir SketchY The Last Man SketchConan SketchSandman sketchCaptain Britain sketch

Man-Thing sketchScorpion SketchBonnie Parker sketchDoctor Who Sketch - Two Doctors

Francesco Francavilla

Do Not BlinkThe ShadowDick Tracy

GodzillaGreen HornetBatman

Mike Russell

Train-to- #ECCC sketch request by @FlikMage : #ECCC sketch: A licensed massage therapist asked me to draw t... on Twitpic #ECCC sketch: I was asked to Another #ECCC sketch: the Sabertooth Unicorn. on Twitpic Oh, and @Bobbie_Girl asked me to draw in her pug sketchbook. So. on Twitpic #ECCC sketch: I was asked to draw the Sabertooth Vampire with... on Twitpic Train-to- #ECCC sketch request by @auroracita : Train-to- #ECCC sketch request by @Galumbits: Train-to- #ECCC sketch request by @splunge2000 : The Sabertoo... on Twitpic Train-to- #ECCC sketch request by @Mi_chiamo_Rene:

Ryan Ottley

Lego FightOstrichardMark and Allen, just hanging. Sigh lock. InvincibleLeonardo full commissionAngry DinosaurusScarlet witchThe invincible dead

Tom Fowler

The LizardThe RhinoVenomMan-ThingDeadpoolHulk & Wolverine

Riley Rossmo

Black WidowThe Juggernaut

Tony Moore

x2_bd0fc68The JokerTony Moore Walking Dead 8.5x11 ECCC 2012


Joe Eisma

SKSketchCover-JoeEismaClassic Rogue from X-menRamona Flowers from Scott PilgrimMercury from New X-menLiving Dead GirlStature and Hawkeye from Young AvengersHellion from New X-men commissionMs Daramount sketch in the Morning Glories Deluxe EditionSketch of Hunter from Morning Glories reading Emitown Zoe from Morning Glories commissionDeath commissionOne of my fav sketches from #ECCC, sexy Punisher Jade by @sup... on Twitpic



– The Comic Book Critic

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