Classic Page – Incredible Hulk #110 by Herb Trimpe & John Severin

The Incredible Hulk #110 by Herb Trimpe

Incredible Hulk #110


Welcome to the Classic Comic Book Page! We scour our memories and hundreds of comic book issues to bring you pages that we think are classics.

Here we have a page from The Incredible Hulk #110 “Umbu, The Unliving” (Dec. 1968) from Marvel Comics, written by Stan Lee, penciled by Herb Trimpe, and inked by John Severin.

On this page you can really see John Severin’s art style come through in his inking of Trimpe’s pencils. The two styles really work well together.

On to the story so far…

Bruce Banner was trying to deactivate “the deadly doomsday machine which threatens to destroy all of earth,” when suddenly he changes back into The Hulk! He then proceeds to knock out the mighty Ka-Zar!

Did I mention this takes place in The Savage Land? Well, it does.

Zabu, being a loyal companion, isn’t having any of that nonsense, so he attacks The Hulk and proceeds to get beaten upon by the green monster. Ka-Zar regains consciousness and stops The Hulk from beating on his sabretooth tiger by hitting him over the head with a stalactite.

This is where we join the action!

Incredible Hulk #110

– The Comic Book Critic

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