Classic Comic Book Page – Strange Adventures #209 by Neal Adams


Strange Adventures #209 by Neal Adams

Welcome to the Classic Comic Book Page! We scour our memories and hundreds of comic book issues to bring you pages that we think are classics.

Today’s page comes from Strange Adventures #209 “How Many Times Can A Man Die"? – Part 3” (Feb 1968) featuring Deadman, written by Jack Miller with art by Neal Adams.

Neal Adams’ Deadman run in Strange Adventures #207-216 made a huge impact on the comics of the time. His art style was very dynamic and his page layouts and perspectives challenged the status quo for comic book art. Though the character was created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, once Adams took over, Deadman became instantly connected to him.

His art style went on to influence many others in the industry, whether they were new or established artists.

If you’ve never his run on Deadman, do yourself a favor and find a copy! I was lucky enough to read it when DC reprinted the series in 1985 and have some of the original issues in my collection.

Here is a Neal Adams Deadman page from Strange Adventures #209.


Strange Adventures #209 by Neal Adams

– The Comic Book Critic

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