Classic Comic Book Page – Fantastic Four #50 by Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four #50 by Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four #50 panel

Welcome to the Classic Comic Book Page! We scour our memories and hundreds of comic book issues to bring you pages that we think are classics.

Today we feature a page from Fantastic Four #50 “The Startling Saga of The Silver Surfer” (May 1966) scripted by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott.

I don’t have to say much about Jack “King” Kirby, he’s a legend after all. Along with Stan Lee, he created most of the famous and not-so-famous characters that inhabited the pages of Marvel Comics early on. Regardless of who takes credit for what, Stan Lee and  Jack Kirby TOGETHER revitalized comics like none had ever done.

In this issue, The Watcher just couldn’t bear to watch Galactus destroy the planet earth, so he goes ahead and sticks his nose in their business – a big no-no for the bald guy in the toga.

Anyway, he guides The Human Torch through infinite space and has him bring back the one thing Galactus fears most. THE ULTIMATE NULLIFIER! It’s this bent little gadget could, and I quote The Watcher, “… erase the entire solar system in one Microsecond!

I kid you not, this is one badass gadget.

So just as Galactus is going to kill the Silver Surfer and consume the Earth, Reed Richards literally shoves this thing in Galactus’ face and threatens to pull the trigger.

Hilarity does not ensue.

Check it out for yourselves…

Fantastic Four #50 interior page

– The Comic Book Critic

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