First Look: Big Moose Double-Sized One-Shot (Archie)

Big Moose One-Shot Preview (Archie)

Big Moose One-Shot


Here’s your first look at the double-sized Big Moose One-Shot special by Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady, Gorf, Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli, & Ryan Jampole, on sale April 26th, 2017 from Archie Comics.



Script: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady, Gorf
Art:  Thomas Pitilli, Cory Smith, Ryan Jampole, Matt Herms, Glenn Whitmore, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli

Cover: Thomas Pitilli
Variant Covers: Cory Smith, Wilfredo Torres


Riverdale’s resident jock gets the spotlight in this special one-shot where everything’s Moose! Stories by Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf with art by Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Ryan Jampole!


“Moose v. the Vending Machine”

Script: Sean Ryan
Pencils and Inks: Cory Smith
Colors: Matt Herms
Letters: Jack Morelli


“Have it All”

Script: Ryan Cady
Pencils and Inks: Thomas Pitilli
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli


“The Big Difference”

Script: Gorf
Pencils and Inks: Ryan Jampole
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli


On Sale Date: 4/26

48-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S.


Big Moose One-Shot CoverBig Moose One-Shot Cover - Smith VariantBig Moose One-Shot Cover - Torres VariantBig Moose One-Shot Preview 1Big Moose One-Shot Preview 2Big Moose One-Shot Preview 3Big Moose One-Shot Preview 4Big Moose One-Shot Preview 5

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