Death Of Wolverine Will Feature WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL COVERS

Marvel Announces WEAPON ETCHED
HOLO FOIL Treatment Covers for

Death of Wolverine Weapon Etched Holo Foil Cover

The Death of Wolverine #1 – #4, shipping in September 2014, will feature special Weapon Etched Holo Foil covers by artist Steve McNiven.


Press Release

To honor the untimely demise of Wolverine, the most iconic X-Men ever, Marvel is proud to present the all new, exclusively crafted, WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL covers for the DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1-#4. Gorgeously rendered by blockbuster artist Steve McNiven – each WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL wrapped issue of DEATH OF WOLVERINE will be a sight to behold!

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