DC Comics The New 52 – Teaser Tag Lines

DC New 52 Poster

DC Comics has released a list of quotes taken from each of their New 52 first issues set to be released throughout the month of September, starting with Justice League #1 on August 31st.

According to DC’s The Source Blog; “These one-liners set up the themes of their corresponding series, hint at the unexpected return of fan-favorite characters and allude to significant changes.” The Source will be revealing two series from which these teaser quotes were taken on a daily basis.

So far, two series have been revealed… Can you guess where the rest of the quotes come from before they’re all known?

  • “If you’re not moving, you’re not living.”
  • “If we stop looking to the present and the past, and instead we look to the future…if we ask ourselves what can be–what it will be tomorrow… then we’re asking the right question. Because to hope, to dream, to predict is to shape the city yourself, rather than to be shaped by it.”

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