Meet The All-New Sinister Six in The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #1 by Spencer & Lieber

Take A Walk On The Dark Side With

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1

Press Release

This July, critically acclaimed writer Nick Spencer and Eisner Award winning artist Steve Lieber put fans in the shoes of the all-new Sinister Six with The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1! This all new ongoing, launching during Superior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man,  great for lapsed and new readers alike!

With superior power comes superior responsibility…and superior villains!  Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, the Beetle, and Overdrive take a cue from the Superior Spider-Man and get upgraded for a new era of evil – and the score of a lifetime! It’s a tale of suspense that’ll turn the Marvel Universe upside down – as only THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN can!

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Preview of Amazing Spider-Man #676

Amazing Spider-ManNewsarama debuted a three page preview of the Amazing Spider-Man #676 from Marvel Comics. The storyline leads into the big Spider-Man event of 2012 – “Ends of the Earth.”

You can find the three page preview below along with previously released unlettered advance art.

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