Preview: Multiple Warheads: Down Fall (one-shot) by Brandon Graham

Preview of Multiple Warheads: Down Fall (one-shot)

Multiple Warheads: Down Fall

Here’s a 6 page preview of the Multiple Warheads: Down Fall (one-shot) by Brandon Graham, on sale October 9th, 2013 from Image Comics.



story / art / cover BRANDON GRAHAM

80 PAGES / BW / M

The organ smuggler Sexica and her werewolf boyfriend Nikoli try to get by in a harsh Soviet fantasy world with dream monsters, radiation slugs, and starships falling from Wolf War 3.

Reprints 2007′s “The Fall,” the original 2003 adult Warheads story, and the 2004 short “Elevator.”

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Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham Lands in October From Image Comics


New Brandon Graham mini-series promises puns, peril, pleasures

Multiple WarheadsPress Release

Brandon Graham has been called "one of the great talents to emerge in the last ten years" by Warren Ellis.

His stark, imaginative reboot of Rob Liefeld’s PROPHET has garnered praise from all corners of the comic book world. PROPHET is drawn by a rotating cast of artists, but Graham got his start in comics drawing his own comic, the massive, pun-heavy KING CITY.

Graham has returned to both the writing desk and the drawing table with MULTIPLE WARHEADS, a miniseries to be published by Image Comics in October.

Just as rife with wordplay and wild with futuristic details (Vat-grown radiation-sniffing squids! Self-heating root vegetables! Musical caffeine cigarettes! Organic, mobile palaces!) as the reader-beloved KING CITY, MULTIPLE WARHEADS is a project where Graham has let his mind wander the open road. At the same time, he keeps the lives of his characters, grounded with familiar sentiments and actions.

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