Genghis Khan Arrives In July From IDW

IDW Brings Genghis Khan To Comicssecretbattlespg31

A standalone graphic novel based on the greatest
military commander in world history


Press release

GenghisKhan_ImageThis July, IDW Publishing will bring you Secret Battles of Genghis Khan, the story of how a boy named Temujin became the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

Adapting Khan’s engrossing life to graphic-novel form are writer Daryl Gregory, award-winning novelist of The Devil’s Alphabet and Pandemonium, and artists Alan Robinson (Weekly World News, Phoenix Without Ashes) and Jay Fotos (Locke & Key). The all-new, 104-page graphic novel will also feature a special painted cover by Sam Shearon as well as back-up material detailing Khan’s life and battles.

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