Preview: BUBBLEGUN #1 (Aspen) by Mark Roslan & Mike Bowden

BUBBLEGUN #1 Preview!


Here is a preview of 4 story pages and several covers from BUBBLEGUN #1 by Mark Roslan, Mike Bowden, & David Curiel – on sale June 12th, 2013 from Aspen Comics.


Mark Roslan ­ Story / Mike Bowden ­ Art / David Curiel – Colors

The future is here with Aspen¹s latest ‘10 for 10’ series debut, BUBBLEGUN!

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes! Sisters Molli and Devyn, along with teammates Roman and Kyo‹and a stockpile of cutting edge, cyber-punk technology, form a confident team of mercenary thieves able to take on the most formidable jobs around. Yet, when one cyber heist turns out to be more than they bargained for, as a mysterious package and its contents threaten to unravel the group to its core, the menacing worlds of corrupt industry and deadly espionage is unleashed upon them!

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