Peter David Creates The Fan/Pro Bill of Rights


The Fan/Pro Bill of Rights by Peter David

peterComic book conventions and other interactions between the fan and the professional should be a good experience for everyone involved. This isn’t always the case. Prolific author, Peter David, has decided to create a Fan/Pro Bill of Rights that attempts to help solve many of the problems that arise in these social interactions.

Posted on his website,, this document is available here for all to read and discuss.

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The Fan/Pro Bill of Rights


Preamble: We, the fans and pros of, in order to form a more perfect union of fan/pro interaction, wish to let it be known that: with conventions and the Internet providing extensive opportunities for fan/pro interaction and; with new fans not quite understanding the “rules” and social mores and expectations of conventions and thus feeling uncomfortable or uncertain of what is expected of them and; partly in response to some conventions where fans in general and female fans in particular were targeted for harassment and abuse, and; in order to fill what is perceived as a needed guide for fans and pros to know and/or understand what to expect of each other in order to minimize or eliminate misunderstandings or ill-will; it is hereby resolved that this document will serve as an attempt to fill that need by spelling out the specifics of these matters to the best of our abilities. This is being done unilaterally by an assortment of fans and pros, and all the matters addressed within this document are drawn from genuine, real-life experiences of the participants (as hard as that may be to believe in some cases.) The rights set forth herein are not intended to represent the opinions or policies of any conventions or organizations, and may be considered by some to be merely guidelines. Nevertheless, it is our intent to present a series of simple, common sense, basic rights to which all fans and pros should be entitled.

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