Sexy DC Licensed Pajamas From Spencer’s

Sexy DC Licensed PajamasDC licensed pajamas

Last year we reported on the Marvel Comics licensed sexy pajamas that Spencer’s Online was offering and it was a very popular post indeed. Well, DC has licensed out some of their superheroes to be immortalized on sexy women’s pajamas too!

The DC line from Spencer’s is fittingly called an “Anatomical Pajama Set” and features Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. Unlike Marvel’s Sexy Captain America, there are no female variations on classic DC male superheroes in this line.

Well… almost.

Along with the anatomical pajama set, Spencer’s also offers a pair of DC licensed booty shorts – Wonder Woman & Superman(?!).

You would think Supergirl might be more appropriate for booty shorts. Maybe those are guys’ booty shorts. (shudder!)

On a less sexy note, Spencer’s also offers DC Junior Fitted Cape T-Shirts for those who want to run around as their favorite DC superhero.

Spencer’s Online

Wonder Woman Anatomical Pajama Set aWonder Woman Anatomical Pajama Set bWonder Woman Anatomical Pajama Set cBatgirl Anatomical Pajama Set aBatgirl Anatomical Pajama Set bBatgirl Anatomical Pajama Set cSupergirl Anatomical Pajama Set aSupergirl Anatomical Pajama Set bSupergirl Anatomical Pajama Set cWonder Woman booty shorts frontWonder Woman booty shorts backSuperman booty shorts front
Superman booty shorts backRobin caped t-shirt frontRobin caped t-shirt backWonder Woman caped t-shirt frontWonder Woman caped t-shirt backSupergirl caped t-shirt frontSupergirl caped t-shirt back

Not to be left out, men also have some licensed DC apparel, but unlike the women’s clothing, they are far from sexy. Check out these Obi Wan Kenobi inspired fleece outfits and the Superman apron!

Superman fleeceSuperman fleeceGreen Lantern fleeceSuperman apron

– The Comic Book Critic


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