Review of Spider-Men #1-4 (Marvel)

Ok. I admit it. I don’t like change. I’m not comfortable saying I’m a “purist,” either. I think (I hope) I’m a little bit more open minded than that. But, any time DC/Marvel start announcing changes to this character or that universe, I tend to give into my knee jerk reaction. Especially when these announcements involved a “death” of a character (main, or otherwise).


Why are they swinging around without their masks on?!?! Why, oh why!?!?

So, when Marvel announced a bit ago that they were offing the Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker, I bet you can’t guess what my reaction was. I’ll give you a hint: “Bad idea.” “Horrible idea.” “Blah, blah, blah.” On top of that, Marvel was going to replace Peter with a “minority” character? I don’t know. It just smacks of a ploy to get some press and a spike in sales. And, look, I don’t have a problem with “minority” characters. Some of my best friends are “minority” characters. It just seems like when the ‘Big Two’ pull this kind of stunt, it’s just a band aid on a gaping wound that should’ve been addressed many, many years ago.

But, marketing/advertising works on me. So, I ended up checking out the first few issues of Ultimate Spiderman. If nothing else, just to see where they were heading with the new Miles Morales character (the kid who was going to be filling Peter Parker’s… webs?!?). And I know you’re going to be totally surprised by my initially reaction: Bad idea. Horrible idea. Blah. Blah. Blah.

After about 2 issues, I dropped the book. I know. I know. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “So much for sticking around to see where the story was going.” Look, if that’s what you’re thinking, then nuts to you! At 3 bucks a pop, sticking around for a comic that’s probably going nowhere is a bit of an expensive proposition.

All that being said, I did pick up the first four issues of Spider-Men. Bet you can’t guess what my reaction is: Bad idea. Horrible idea. Blah, blah, blah. I flippin’ loved it! So much so, I even went and revisited the Ultimate Spider-Man issues I missed out on.

Guess I should’ve hung in there a bit longer.

Know what? It turns out I like Miles’ character. A lot. Actually, I pretty much like everything about Spider-Men story (so far). Without spoiling much, “our” (or Earth-616, if you believe in that sorta thing) Peter Parker gets stranded in the Ultimate Universe. The whole thing has a bit of a “Alice down the rabbit hole” kinda feel. Peter has to deal with a world that looks similar to his on the outside, but with events significantly (and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY) different.


This one took me a second to get.

I like my Spider-mans “quippy” and Peter is definitely quippy here.



I know Marvel’s gotta put Peter back where he belongs. Which sucks, ‘cause I really like the interaction he has with Miles, the Ultimates and the rest of the Ultimate Universe. I just really hope when the status quo returns, Marvel doesn’t do anything stupid with Miles’ character. Let the kid be. Let’s leave Ultimate Peter in the great beyond.


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