Review: Batman #13 (DC)

Review of Batman #13

Batman #13 CoverWriter: Scott Snyder
Pencils: Greg Capullo
Colorist: Jonathan Glapion
Cover Art: Greg Capullo


Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Date: Dec 2012
Cover Price: $3.99


Will the real Mr. J please stand up?

SPOILER ALERT: I might be slightly spoilerific here, so if you haven’t read the book yet, consider yourself warned.

It’s a little tough “reviewing” a book like Batman #13. With all the hype, everyone knows about it and is already discussing it. They’ve picked up the book and already formed their opinion of it. So… let’s call this little write up of mine less of a “review” and more of a “discussion”.

So, just out of curiosity, how many of us went straight to the last page of the story to see what the Joker looked like? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone gonna admit it? I mean, we all knew that the Joker’s big reveal wasn’t gonna be until the last page, right? So… who’s (wo)man enough to admit they went right to the back of the book? Anyone? No one? Whatever…

Batman #13 pageAlright, so “technically” this was the last page of my book.

Well, I didn’t either. I read the story front to back, like the good soldier I am. There hasn’t been much I’ve liked about the New 52 so far, but what DC has done with the Joker? Wow! Twisted. Really twisted. I don’t think I’m giving much away here by saying that it’s pretty flippin’ dark that the Joker’s got his face (that was cut off his skull back in Batman #1) strapped to his cranium with a belt. I don’t know who came up with that idea, but kudos. My hat is off to you.

Batman #13 page

For me, the reason to read comics is the art. If I don’t like the art, it’s that much harder to get into the story. I gotta tell you, I love Capullo’s work. And I’m not just saying that so he’ll send me an autographed picture of the Bat family, either. I don’t know the guy personally, but… MAN!… do I like his style.

That being said, I’m not too sure of my feelings on this “new” Harley. I like her. A lot. That is, I liked the “old” Harley. Admittedly, I don’t know how much of her story has been rewritten in this New 52. But, the “old” Harley was twisted and fun. This new Harley? I don’t know. I’m not real crazy about the update to her look. Just going on what I read in Batman #13, it seems like her character is still in line with the old Harley. If that’s the case, I’ll learn to live with the updated look. I guess…

Batman #13 PageNot nice, Mr. J. Not nice.

I do like, though, how Joker/Harley taunted Batman about his run in with the Court of Owls. And how he needed “help” from the Bat family defeating them. Scott Snyder’s story definitely has me intrigued. Where has the Joker been this last year? Why did he let Dollmaker cut off his face? Where does the Joker fit into the New 52? And what is up his butt, besides?!?!? Lots of questions (those four were the only ones that I could come up with at the moment) that hopefully will get some resolution during this “Death in the Family” event.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Batman #13 (DC)”

  1. Great write-up! Harley has always been a bit perplexing to me. I loved her in the pre-Flashpoint days (not that I read a lot of Batman). Most of what I know about her is from her appearances on the multitude of Batman cartoons that were rolled out. One of my questions is it appears her MASK-ara is running, meanwhile I was always under the impression is was an actual mask! So what’s her deal anyways? Is she wearing a mask…or does she paint her face white and black before making an appearance? I know the question is not important to the actual story…but I’m just curious.

    The whole cutting off the face of Joker is pretty much one of the most sick and twisted things I’ve heard of since someone came up with a villain who skinned people alive to create a bodysuit. That just skeeves me right the hell out! It does really get into the psyche of the kind of maniac Batman is dealing with. Perhaps Joker was a big John Travolta and Nicolas Cage fan?
    I agree with your perception of Capullo’s art. He’s very good and his style definitely fits Batman’s world. It seems like he has great vision as to how he wants to portray the dark and gritty world of Bruce’s alter ego.

    One last bit. If your complementing of Capullo DOES in fact get you signed artwork. Let me know so I can start an article gushing over Jim Lee’s upcoming work on Superman!

  2. funny about Capullo. nothing in the mail yet. i am holding my breath.

    as far as i know, Harley’s wearing makeup. i could be wrong, though. with all the various versions of her (comic books, video games, etc) i’m not sure what is “canon” with her anymore.

    agreed on the face cutting thing. i thought of that move Face/Off as well. it’s warped. really looking forward to seeing where this goes…


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