Preview: Years of Future Past #1 by Bennett & Norton

The Mutant WARZONES! Return – Your New Look at

Years of Future Past #1


Here’s your first look at a short, unlettered preview of Years of Future Past #1, a Secret Wars series by writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Mike Norton, on sale June 3rd, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

You thought the horrors had ended? Think again!

This June, it’s time to return to the ruined wastes of New York City once more! Terrified mutants and deadly Sentinels explode into Battleworld in your first look at YEARS OF FUTURE PAST #1!

Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Mike Norton take you back to the ruined tomorrow of one of the X-Men’s most famous and tragic tales of them all for a brand-new Secret Wars story! Across the ravaged hellscape of Battleworld’s Sentinel Territories, armies of armored behemoths patrol sky and street alike. Their mission – exterminate all mutants! Amid the destroyed city walks Kate Pryde – mother, warrior, X-Man. A heroine tried and true, and tested by war, she stokes the fires of revolution. She will do anything it takes to ensure the survival of her people – including her two children! But if she’s going to survive she’ll need help. Her first mission – break the X-Men out of their military prison! With her life and the lives of her family and friends on the line, will she do the impossible?

The answers lie within True Believer, this June in YEARS OF FUTURE PAST #1!



Cover by ART ADAMS
Variant Cover by MIKE NORTON (APR150811) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (APR150812)
Ant-Sized Variant by MIKE PERKINS (APR150810)

FOC – 05/11/15, On-Sale – 06/03/15

Years of Future Past #1 CoverYears of Future Past #1 Cover - Norton VariantYears of Future Past #1 Cover - Young VariantYears of Future Past #1 Preview 1Years of Future Past #1 Preview 2Years of Future Past #1 Preview 3Years of Future Past #1 Preview 4

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