Preview of Voltron #1 (Dynamite)


December is here and so is the return of Voltron to comics! The new series from Dynamite Entertainment will be written by Brandon Thomas and illustrated by Ariel Padilla. Voltron #1 will have covers by Alex Ross, Wagner Reis, and Sean Chen along with variant covers.

Here’s how the covers will be allocated and the variants available:

  • Wagner Reis (2 covers, 25% each), Sean Chen (25%), Wagner Reis (25%)
  • "Virgin Art" Retailer Incentive cover by Alex Ross
  • "Black & White" Retailer Incentive cover by Wagner Reis
  • "Fiery Red" Retailer Incentive cover by Sean Chen
  • "Negative Effect Art" Retailer Incentive cover by Wagner Reis

Voltron #1 by Brandon Thomas and Ariel Padilla is available at your comic book retailer on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 and will cost $3.99 for 32 pages.

Ultimate victory has never been closer for the Voltron Force.  King Zarkon’s brutal regime has been pushed to the edges of the galaxy, left to wage a series of desperate and losing battles to claim innocent victims while they still can.  But Zarkon knows something–a secret about Voltron over a hundred years old that could change everything for the Galaxy Alliance.  This isn’t the Voltron we all know, but one redefined and re-imagined by those he and his adventures have inspired over the years.  This is Generation Voltron

Here is a preview of all the covers to Voltron #1 and the first five story pages.

Voltron #1 cover aVoltron #1 cover bVoltron #1 cover cVoltron #1 cover dVoltron #1 cover eVoltron #1 cover fVoltron #1 cover gVoltron #1 cover hVoltron #1 page 1Voltron #1 page 2Voltron #1 page 3Voltron #1 page 4Voltron #1 page 5

– The Comic Book Critic

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