Preview: Sombra #1 by Jordan & Trevino

Sombra #1 Preview (BOOM!)

Sombra #1


Here’s a short preview of Sombra #1, the start of a 4 issue miniseries by writer Justin Jordan and artist Raúl Treviño, on sale July 20th, 2016 from BOOM! Studios.


Sombra #1 (of 4)

Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Raúl Treviño
Cover: Jilipollo
FOC Variant: Chris Brunner
Spanish Edition: Raúl Treviño


Justin Jordan (John Flood, Spread) tackles a provocative topic—the violent drug cartels of Mexico—partnering with artist Raúl Treviño, who lives in Mexico and is drawing on his first-hand experiences to inform the story.

A DEA agent who disappeared in Mexico years ago has resurfaced and is now out-brutalizing some of the cartels he was sent to investigate. His daughter has been tasked with stopping him…by any means necessary.

Perfect for fans of Scalped, the novels Heart of Darkness andSavages, or the film Apocalypse Now.

Also available in a Spanish-language edition.


Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99


Sombra #1 Cover ASombra #1 Cover B - FOC VariantSombra #1 Cover C - Spanish VariantSombra #1 Preview 1Sombra #1 Preview 2Sombra #1 Preview 3Sombra #1 Preview 4Sombra #1 Preview 5Sombra #1 Preview 6

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