Preview of Predator: Life and Death #1 by Abnett & Thies

Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview (Dark Horse)

Predator: Life and Death #1


Here’s a 6 page preview of Predator: Life and Death #1 by writer Dan Abnett and artist Brian Thies, on sale March 2nd, 2016 from Dark Horse.



Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brian Thies
Colorist: Rain Beredo
Cover Artist: David Palumbo

Colonial Marines on the planet Tartarus battle extraterrestrial hunters over the possession of a mysterious horseshoe-shaped spaceship of unknown origin. The Weyland-Yutani rep wants the ship, and the marine captain wants to protect her crew. But neither objective is likely when a band of Predators attacks!

* Predator: Life and Death begins chapter one in a new story cycle involving Predators, Aliens, and the mysterious Engineers from Prometheus!

Genre: Horror, Science-Fiction

Publication Date: March 02, 2016

Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 29521 4 00111


Predator: Life and Death #1 CoverPredator: Life and Death #1 Cover - Warner VariantPredator: Life and Death #1 Cover - Teng VariantPredator: Life and Death #1 Preview 1Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview 2Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview 3Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview 4Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview 5Predator: Life and Death #1 Preview 6

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