Preview of Kong of Skull Island #1 by Asmus & Magno

Kong of Skull Island #1 Preview (BOOM!)

Kong of Skull Island #1


Here’s a short preview of Kong of Skull Island #1, the start of a 6 part miniseries by writer James Asmus and artist Carlos Magno, on sale July 13th, 2016 from BOOM! Studios.


Kong of Skull Island #1 (of 6)

Writer: James Asmus
Artist: Carlos Magno
Main Cover: Felipe Massafera
Incentive Cover 1: Nick Robles
Incentive Cover 2: Eric Powell
Coloring Book Variant Wraparound Cover: Carlos Magno


King Kong, world-famous and original gargantuan simian, is the progenitor of an entire genre, spawning sequels, remakes, and countless other interpretations. You know Kong. You love Kong!

King Kong was created by Merian C. Cooper, and Kong of Skull Island is grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito’s groundbreaking literary property Skull Island. BOOM! is partnering with DeVito Artworks LLC to present this story, exclusively authorized and endorsed by the Cooper family as their official King Kong/Skull Island prequel and sequel origin story.

Two fractured and combative civilizations are forced to band together as they venture onto Skull Island—their new home.

From All-New Inhumans writer James Asmus and Planet of the Apes artist Carlos Magno.

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99


Kong of Skull Island #1 CoverKong of Skull Island #1 Cover B - VariantKong of Skull Island #1 Cover C - VariantKong of Skull Island #1 Cover D - VariantKong of Skull Island #1 Preview 1Kong of Skull Island #1 Preview 2Kong of Skull Island #1 Preview 3

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