Preview: Kennel Block Blues #1 by Ferrier & Bayliss

Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview (BOOM!)

Kennel Block Blues #1


Here’s a 5 page preview of Kennel Block Blues #1 by writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Daniel Bayliss, on sale February 3rd, 2016 from BOOM! Studios.


Kennel Block Blues #1 (of 4)

Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Daniel Bayliss

What’s to Love: From Oz to Shawshank Redemption, we just love great prison dramas. But what if the prison in question is an animal shelter? Ryan Ferrier (Curb Stomp) and Daniel Bayliss (Translucid) combine the tradition of great anthropomorphic stories like Wild’s End and Blacksad with the madcap twists of Six-Gun Gorilla and Chew in their new series Kennel Block Blues.

What It Is: Oliver is a good dog. A family dog. But without warning, he’s sentenced to Jackson Kennel, where he’s instantly placed on Death Row with the rest of his fellow inmates, awaiting a lethal appointment on The Table if salvation doesn’t come. He’ll need help escaping the Kennel, but when the stress of prison life builds, he starts escaping reality instead, imagining a fantasy world of cartoon friends. It’s time to break out…into a musical number?


Kennel Block Blues #1 Cover AKennel Block Blues #1 Cover B - Pitarra VariantKennel Block Blues #1 Preview 1Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview 2Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview 3Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview 4Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview 5Kennel Block Blues #1 Preview 6

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