Preview: Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 (Dark Horse)

FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS #1 (of 4) by Gilbert Hernandez Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1

Here is a six page preview of Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 by Gilbert Hernandez, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. The first issue is available in a variant cover by Peter Bagge!

Gilbert Hernandez (W/A/Cover) and Peter Bagge (Variant cover)
On sale June 27
b&w, 24 pages $3.99 Miniseries

Comics luminary Gilbert Hernandez envisions his strangest, most thrilling future yet! A drug called “spin” offers the wildest trip imaginable, followed by its users’ inevitable, rapid deterioration into undead flesh eaters.

Despite the side effect, the drug is so popular that the human population is dying out! With no cure to be found, the beautiful, lovesick Fatima may be the only thing standing between the survivors and the apocalypse.

Get ready for four issues of zombies, drug lords, and gorgeous women!

• Love and . . . rockets ZOMBIES!

• Featuring a special variant cover by Peter Bagge!

“Hernandez’s art is as assured and potent as ever; he draws in black-and-white as if color had never been invented.” —ComicMix

Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 Hernandez coverFatima: The Blood Spinners #1 Bagge variant coverFatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 1Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 2Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 3Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 4Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 5Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 preview 6

– The Comic Book Critic

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