Preview: Dodo OGN by Felipe Nunes (KaBOOM!)

Dodo OGN Preview (KaBOOM!)

Dodo OGN



Here’s a lengthy 15-page preview of Dodo, an original graphic novel by creator Felipe Nunes, on sale May 30th, 2018 from BOOM! Studios.



Writer: Felipe Nunes
Artist: Felipe Nunes
Cover Artist: Felipe Nunes


When Laila’s parents split up, Laila doesn’t understand why her life has changed, and why her dad never comes by anymore.
Lonely and confused, Laila ends up befriending a strange bird that lives in the park by her house.

Her friendship with this bird, a dodo named Ralph, takes Laila on a journey she never expected and shows her things about her own world she had never noticed before.


Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Price: $9.99



Dodo OGN CoverDodo OGN inside coverDodo OGN Preview 1Dodo OGN Preview 2Dodo OGN Preview 3Dodo OGN Preview 4Dodo OGN Preview 5Dodo OGN Preview 6Dodo OGN Preview 7Dodo OGN Preview 8Dodo OGN Preview 9Dodo OGN Preview 10Dodo OGN Preview 11Dodo OGN Preview 12Dodo OGN Preview 13Dodo OGN Preview 14Dodo OGN Preview 15

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