NYCC ’11 Random Photos and Art – Part Two


We at Comic Book Critic have compiled some random images of NYCC ‘11 taken from various sources, including Twitter, Yfrog, and Flickr. They include everything from cosplay to artist’s sketches.

If you’ve taken one of these pictures and would like to be given credit on it, please let us know!

You can find Part One here. Enjoy!

Chris ClaremontMs MarvelBatgirl and Catwoman

Barbarians cosplayBlack Cat by Todd NauckBlack Widow cosplayDan Parent and Alex SeguraAsherman, Harris, and KupperbergCaptain America by McNivenBonnie BurtonCodexBanana WolverineAlison Goodman and Patricia BriggscosplayFlashpoint 4 by Kubert and Hopefemale cosplayersFelicia DayDeadpool cosplayGL cosplayGwen Stacy sketch by Todd NauckNightcrawler and Rogue cosplayPaul Pope and little Captain AmericaPower Ranger cosplayPrincess Peach and Rainbow BrightSpider Jerusalem cosplaySuperman #1 cover by PerezThe Spirit sketch by Gabriel HardmanRobin and Poison IvyMR TLady Loki cosplayThe Tick and Arthur cosplayThorWalking Dead ZombieStefan PetruchaX-Force CosplayWonder Wo-MANGhostbusters cosplay


– The Comic Book Critic

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