Legend Of The Shadowclan #2 Preview

Preview of Legend Of The Shadowclan #2

Legend Of The Shadowclan #2

Here we have a preview featuring 4 covers & 4 pages from Legend Of The Shadowclan #2, by David Wohl, Cory Smith, & Jon Starr, on sale March 6th, 2013 from Aspen Comics.


David Wohl – Story / Cory Smith – Art / Jon Starr – Colors

What is the mystery of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN?

The Himuras believed themselves to be just an average family, but everything changed the night that Dr. Richard Himura inadvertently found himself in a battle with well-armed assassins, and he not only survived, but he defeated them! Exhilarated and confused, Himura now discovers that this attack was not random, and that he and his family are anything but ordinary–they are members of an ancient and powerful ninja family known as the Shadowclan. But now that their secret has been discovered, they realize they are ALL in great danger!

Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN!

LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN #2 is in stores March 6th, 2013!

FC 32 pages $3.99

Legend Of The Shadowclan #2 Cover A - SmithLegend Of The Shadowclan #2 Cover B - TanLegend Of The Shadowclan #2 Cover C - Retailer Incentive - CampbellLegend Of The Shadowclan #2 Cover D - ECCC - OumLegend Of The Shadowclan #2 Preview 1Legend Of The Shadowclan #2 Preview 2Legend Of The Shadowclan #2 Preview 3Legend Of The Shadowclan #2 Preview 4

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