Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

Discussion: Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man
Action Figure

Still does what a spider can. Pretty much.

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Released: Fall 2012
Retail Price: $15.99

One of my first articles here at Comic Book Critic was about Ultimate Spider-Man and how much I ended up liking Miles Morales as Spidey. So, imagine my surprise when walking down my local Wal-Mart’s toy aisle and seeing this:

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

Yes! An Ultimate Spider-man action figure! I couldn’t believe it! How did this guy’s release sneak under my toy radar, anyway?!?!?

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

One of the first things I noticed bout this figure is that it’s definitely the Ultimate Comics Spidey, but I don’t’ think that it’s Miles. Check this out. Nowhere on the back of the card does it even mention him by name.

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action FigurePoor Miles

And Miles is supposed to be… like 12 or 13 years old? By the size of this guy, he’s clearly an “adult” figure. (Nonono. Not that kind of “adult” figure. They do sell those kind of figures, however. Or… so I’ve heard.). This guy is no Miles Morales!

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

He is, though, one of those Wal-Mart exclusive figures (that’s what we in the biz call a “segue”). Which makes him that much harder to get a hold of and a bit more expensive. In fact, price is one of the biggest reasons I drastically cut back on my figure expenditures. Prices these days for figures is through the roof. And faux Miles here is no exception. $15.99? For a figure? That’s more than a bit pricey.

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figureand what is that supposed to be on his back?

You wanna know what really drives me nuts? The “rubberbands” that hold these guys into the packaging. Granted it’s way better than those twist ties they used to use. But, when you’re ready to break out that figure and start playing to take some pictures of, for the article you’re writing, and he’s not budging?!?! What the hell!

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

Faux Miles comes with a web shield and base. I like accessories with my figures, as long as they make sense. The base is a must. A web shield? Meh. Think I’d rather see him get packed with a Miles Morales head (but, it’s not Miles so of course they couldn’t package his head in there) or extra hands or something.

All in all, Ultimate Spider-man is a satisfactory toy buying experience.

Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Action Figure

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