First Look at Masked #1 by Lehman & Crety

Masked #1 First Look (Titan)

Masked #1


Here’s your first look at Masked #1, a sci-fi thriller by writer Serge Lehman and artist Stéphane Créty, on sale November 23rd, 2016 from Titan Comics.



Writer: Serge Lehman
Artist:  Stéphane Créty


Frank Braffort has returned from war suffering from PTSD, but he is thrown headfirst into a terrifying new reality where phenomena, called Anomalies, appear out of nowhere. Facing this mysterious and lethal enemy, Braffort is called on to go into battle once again for the safety of the city!

FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: November 23

COVER A – John McCrea
COVER  B –  Benjamin Carré
COVER  C –  Steve Kurth
COVER  D –  Stéphane Créty
COVER  E –  Stephan Perger


Masked #1 hits stores and digital platforms on November 23, 2016 and is available to order from the upcoming September edition of PREVIEWS.


Masked #1 Cover A - McCreaMasked #1 Cover B - CarreMasked #1 Cover C - KurthMasked #1 Cover D - CretyMasked #1 Cover E - PergerMasked #1 First Look Preview 1Masked #1 First Look Preview 2

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