First Look: Howard The Duck #1 by Zdarsky & Quinones

Waugh! Your New Look at HOWARD THE DUCK #1!

Howard The Duck #1


Here’s your first look at Howard The Duck #1 by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones, on sale November 4th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

He’s back! That Marvelous Mallard. That Foul Fowl.

We’re talking about the one and only Howard the Duck – coming to you this November for a brand-new HOWARD THE DUCK #1! Don’t miss your chance to jump on board the series the world is talking about before they keep talking about it without you! Along with his shape shifting companion Tara Tam and new office administrator Aunt May, he’ll take on the hard cases no mere man nor duck will touch.

Plus, don’t miss a special backup story featuring the highly anticipated debut of Gwenpool! Written by Christopher Hastings with art by Danilo Beyruth – be there as this new character makes her way to the Marvel Universe for the very first time.

It’s all happening this November in the can’t miss HOWARD THE DUCK #1!



Art & Cover by JOE QUINONES
Variant Covers by JOE QUINONES (SEP150774), DAVID AJA (SEP150775), BOB MCLEOD (SEP150777)
Gwenpool Variant by RON LIM (JUL158701)
Hip-Hop Variant by JUAN DOE (SEP150776)
Movie Variant by YASMINE PUTRI (SEP150778)

FOC – 10/12/15, On-Sale – 11/04/15

Howard The Duck #1 CoverHoward The Duck #1 Cover - Aja VariantHoward The Duck #1 Cover - McLeod VariantHoward The Duck #1 Cover - Lim Gwenpool VariantHoward The Duck #1 Cover - Putri Movie VariantHoward The Duck #1 Cover - Quinones VariantHoward The Duck #1 Cover - Dow Hip-Hop VariantHoward The Duck #1 Preview 1Howard The Duck #1 Preview 2Howard The Duck #1 Preview 3

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