First Look at Generation Zero #1 by Van Lente & Portela (Valiant)

GENERATION ZERO #1 – Fred Van Lente & Francis Portela Lead “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” in August!

Generation Zero #1

They’ve infiltrated, assassinated, and overthrown… Now this reformed covert strike team of teenage walking warheads have set their sights on a dangerous new mission: high school!


Here’s your first look at Generation Zero #1 by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Francis Portela, on sale August 24th, 2016 from Valiant Comics.


Press Release

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside GENERATION ZERO #1 – the second must-read title from “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” initiative! First announced at Valiant Summit 2016 live from New York’s renowned Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Valiant’s most volatile team of teenage superhumans explodes out of the pages of HARBINGER WARS and into their first ongoing series on August 24th with New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, Amazing Spider-Man) and blockbuster artist Francis Portela (FAITH) calling the shots!

If you have a problem… If your parents won’t help… And if your cause is worthy… Log onto network #ZERO… because Generation Zero is listening.
Years ago, the children of the experimental strike team known as Generation Zero were taken from their families by Project Rising Spirit, a private weapons contractor, and raised to be psychic soldiers. After years of taking orders, they have fought for and won their freedom. Now, the world’s most wanted teenagers have pledged to protect each other tooth and claw, while using their extraordinary abilities to right wrongs for a generation without a future… To fight for kids, just like them.

One of those kids is Keisha Sherman, whose boyfriend just turned up dead after a suspicious car crash in Rook, Michigan – a newly booming tech town that sprang from rags to super-riches seemingly overnight. When Keisha makes a desperate plea into her webcam, the local high school suddenly finds itself with several unusual new students… But as word of Generation Zero’s presence spreads rapidly through the halls, this tempestuous band of teenage upstarts is about to discover that they’re far from the most extraordinary thing lurking behind Rook’s stainless-steel facade…

“I like to describe this book as ARCHIE meets THE AUTHORITY,” writer Fred Van Lente told Comic Book Resources. “The kids have all the emotional volatility of teenagers with the destructive power of several silos’ worth of nuclear missiles. They don’t adhere to any morality or social norm we recognize. When they see evil or bad stuff going down, their attitude is to destroy it as swiftly and mercilessly as possible. They’re basically juvenile delinquent superheroes with a completely black-and-white view of the universe — if you’re not on their side, get the hell out of their way if you know what’s good for you.”

On August 24th,THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” takes a dangerous new turn when Fred Van Lente and Francis Portela throw GENERATION ZERO #1 into overdrive – featuring covers by Stephen Mooney (Half-Past Danger), Tom Muller (DIVINITY), Pere Perez (FAITH), Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark), Kano (Swamp Thing), and Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS)!

Then, “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” continues with an all-new wave of ongoing series, prestige format projects and standalone events from a star-studded roster of some of comics’ most visionary talents! Beginning in July with FAITH #1, “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” will extend throughout 2016 with a total of seven epic series – each introducing an innovative array of new concepts and characters…and firmly establishing Valiant’s place as the premier publisher of creative storytelling in comics today:

  • FAITH #1 by Jody Houser, Pere Perez & Marguerite Sauvage in July
  • GENERATION ZERO #1 by Fred Van Lente & Francis Portela in August
  • BRITANNIA #1 (of 4) by Peter Milligan & Juan Jose Ryp in September
  • BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1 (of 4) by Jeff Lemire & Doug Braithwaite in October
  • HARBINGER RENEGADES #1 by Rafer Roberts & Darick Roberston in November
  • SAVAGE #1 (of 4) by B. Clay Moore, Clayton Henry & Lewis LaRosa in November
  • DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #1 (of 4) by Matt Kindt & Trevor Hairsine in December

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Cover A by STEPHEN MOONEY (JUN161874)
Cover B by TOM MULLER (JUN161875)
Valiant x CGC Replica Variant by PERE PEREZ (JUN161876)
Character Design Variant by ANDRES GUINALDO (JUN161878)
Variant Cover by KANO (JUN161879)
Variant Cover by CLAYTON HENRY  (JUN161880)
Blank Cover Also Available (JUN161877)

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale AUGUST 24th (FOC – 8/1/16)


Generation Zero #1 Cover A - MooneyGeneration Zero #1 Cover B - MullerGeneration Zero #1 Cover C - Kano VariantGeneration Zero #1 Cover - Perez CGC VariantGeneration Zero #1 First Look Preview 1Generation Zero #1 First Look Preview 2Generation Zero #1 First Look Preview 3Generation Zero #1 First Look Preview 4Generation Zero #1 First Look Preview 5Future of Valiant 2016 Poster

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