First Look at Cryptocracy #1 (Dark Horse)

Preview of Cryptocracy #1 by Van Jensen & Pete Woods

Cryptocracy #1


Here’s your first look at a few pages from Cryptocracy #1 by writer Van Jensen and artist Pete Woods, on sale June 29th, 2016 from Dark Horse.



Van Jensen (W), Pete Woods (A)

For time beyond memory, the Nine Families watched from the shadows, believing themselves shepherds and manipulating whole societies as they saw fit. Nothing happened that they didn’t observe or control. Outsiders knew naught of the Families, much less threatened them. Until now.

* A blend of The X-Files and Marvel’s A.I.M.!

* Featuring art by Pete Woods (Deadpool, Catwoman, Superman, Action Comics).

Cryptocracy #1 – APR160120

FOC June 6
On sale June 29


Cryptocracy #1 CoverCryptocracy #1 Preview 1Cryptocracy #1 Preview 2Cryptocracy #1 Preview 3Cryptocracy #1 Teaser Flier


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