Classic Page – Daredevil #43 by Gene Colan

Daredevil #43 by Gene Colan!

Daredevil #43 (1968

Welcome to the Classic Comic Book Page! We scour our memories and hundreds of comic book issues to bring you pages that we think are classics.

Here’s a page from Daredevil #43 “In Combat With Captain America” (Aug. 1968) Written by Stan Lee & art by Gene Colan & Vince Colletta.

I don’t know what it is with Daredevil and radiation, but it’s never good when those two get together. As a kid he loses his sight after getting hit in the eyes with an open radioactive container after, ironically, saving a blind man from being run over by a truck. Now he goes into a blind rage when he captures a doctor’s stolen medical bag containing radioactive vials.

I guess in the 1960’s every doctor carried around radioactive materials with them – or at least the ones Stan Lee knew.

So now we have a Daredevil, who is not only angry about losing his girlfriend Karen Page, but he’s in a black out blind rage after being exposed to radioactive vials.

So what’s next?

He just happens to be swinging by Madison Square Garden where Captain America is “fighting” someone for charity. Just a little tussle in the ring for fun. But watch out, here comes a really pissed off Daredevil.

Hilarity ensues!

Daredevil #43 (1968)

– The Comic Book Critic

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