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The Cowboy Wally Show

Kyle Baker (Plastic Man, Deadpool) has made most of his Graphic Novel work available for free online. Among the titles are true classics like Why I Hate Saturn & The Cowboy Wally Show.

Why I Hate Saturn is a satirical look at dating in the ‘90’s, while The Cowboy Wally Show is a “Behind The Music” look at a children’s entertainer. Both are entertaining and remain just as funny now as when they were published. You Are Here and Special Forces are highly recommended as well.

Why I Hate Saturn The Cowboy Wally Show

Here is a listing of some of the work Kyle is making available for free:

  • Why I Hate Saturn
  • You Are Here
  • The Cowboy Wally Show
  • I Die At Midnight
  • Special Forces
  • The Bakers: Babies & Kittens
  • The Bakers: Do These Toys Belong Somewhere?
  • Nat Turner
  • How To Draw Stupid
  • King David

Whatever his motivation to share with the world, we are all better for it! His graphic novels are some of the funniest comics ever published – his satirical style and comedic timing are second to none.

Check out his website here:

The Cowboy Wally Show Page

– The Comic Book Critic

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