What Will Age Of Ultron Do To Iron Man?

What Will “Age Of Ultron” Do To Iron Man?

Iron Man


It’s no surprise that Iron Man has been featured prominently in the trailers for Avengers: Age Of Ultron. He’s not only one of the main characters of Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe,” but he’s arguably become the most recognizable and beloved of the bunch. What’s somewhat surprising is how Iron Man is being depicted in the trailers. In the film’s third trailer, we see a number of curious shots of Tony Stark/Iron Man seemingly in conflict with the rest of the team. These include one of Thor holding Tony him up by the throat and one of the Hulk bashing a super-sized Iron Man suit up against a building.

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Thinking of Getting Into Comics As A Career?

Thinking of Getting Into Comics As A Career? Here Are The Degrees To Get You There!

Pow!Pursuing a career in the comic book industry requires demonstrable skills in illustration, writing and editing. For professionals there is a limited number of positions available, particularly now, where the number of individual titles being printed has been reduced. Individuals wishing to enter the comic book industry should have a high level of tenacity and an open mind regarding criticism. It is also important to note that comic books as an industry is growing laterally, that is to say growth is coming from small press publishers expanding the types of titles available, rather than the larger companies increasing in size. What this means is that opportunities are available for individuals wishing to pursue a career in comic books outside of the realm of superheroes, which has been the traditional center of the industry in the United States.

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