Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay Gallery

Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay

Harley Quinn

This year the Baltimore Comic-Con was held on September 8-9, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center. As always, what would a Comic-Con be without the awesome cosplayers that attend?

Not being fortunate enough to attend the festivities this year, we’ve gathered together some great cosplay images taken at the Con from around the web. We’d like to thank MTV Geek, Webster Style Magazine,, Wear Pink Wednesdays, and for their images. Please visit their sites for many more great images like the ones below.

Here are 90 fantastic cosplay photos from Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 for your enjoyment.

If you have any photos from this Con or any other that you’d like us to feature on our site, let us know!

MTV Geek

Harley Quinn & BaneBatman, The Riddler, Red TornadoCaptain MarvelCaptain Marvel & Guy GardnerCrossed CosplayBlack WidowDark PhoenixNovaGotham City SirensGuy Gardner - Green LanternHawkeyesPirate DeadpoolPoison IvyPoison IvyPoison Ivy & White Queen Power GirlSpawnThe TaskmasterPsylocke & X-23


Webster Style Magazine

StarroSpeedy, Deathstroke, Green ArrowSkeletorBlack Suit Spider-Man & DeadpoolRed TornadoBlack Cat & Spider-ManNovad581699a39e4e954_largeefbceab05b07f23e_largewp_000131SupergirlThe Spidey CrewThe Baroness & CobraStudents at the Professor X SchoolCosplayZann & Jana - The Wonder TwinsNova

Gnort?Doctor DoomFemale Joker & Female GambitDarkseidDeadpool & Hit Girl


Wear Pink Wednesdays

Dark PhoenixLady LokiThe RiddlersPower GirlCatwoman & Green ArrowGreen LanternsCassie from Hack/SlashHarley Quinn & Deadpool Captain Marvel & Deadpool MagnetoCaptain America & HawkeyeBlue Beetle & Booster Gold - Female style

X-23Spider-MenHarley QuinnLegion of Super-HeroesDark PhoenixHarley Quinn & The JokerNovaPoison IvyG.I. Joe CosplayNightwingSuperman & Wonder WomanBooster Gold, Harley Quinn, & DeadpoolCassie from Hack/SlashPoison Ivy, Catwoman, JokerStarroBlack Widow & Iron FistJoker & GambitPoison IvyGhost RiderDeadpoolBlack Widow & Poison IvyBaneBlack CatCosplayDoctor Doom & his crewBlack WidowPoison Ivy, Thor, Hawkeye, & WolverineKatoG.I. Joe CosplayKick AssElektraBladeStormBlack StormtrooperWonder Girl & Green LanternZatanna & friendDoctor Light & crew

– The Comic Book Critic

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